100,000 Wardrobes!

100,000 Wardrobes!

Clothes To Kids of Denver marked a significant milestone when we provided our 100,000th school wardrobe to a shopper visiting with the Denver South High School Newcomers on September 11, 2023. One hundred thousand wardrobes is equivalent to more than 2,000,000 items of new and quality used clothing and shoes!

And it’s not just about the clothes, explains Valerie Lunka, Clothes To Kids executive director. “Not having adequate school clothing can be a major barrier to school attendance and achievement,” she says, “and clothing that is badly worn or out-of-style can damage a child’s self-esteem and lead to bullying by other students. Our vision is that all students will have the clothing they need to feel comfortable, confident and prepared to thrive.”

This service milestone coincides with the 15th anniversary of our founding in September of 2008, and the need for quality school clothing has grown exponentially since then. Notably, it took ten years for us to reach the 50,000 wardrobe mark, but only five more years to double that number.

Yet quality of service is every bit as important as quantity at Clothes To Kids. Students and their families shop in a bright and cheerful boutique that is much like any clothing store, except the items have no price tags. “Regardless of the circumstances that bring students to us, our staff and volunteers ensure that families are treated with dignity and respect,” Lunka says.