Refer A Student

Shopping at Clothes To Kids is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Check to see if the student is eligible to shop.
    • See the “Basic Eligibility Guidelines” below.
  2. Determine if the student automatically qualifies or if they will need a referral to shop.
    • See the “How To Qualify” section below.
  3. Make an appointment to shop by calling 720-379-4630, ext. 2.
    • Parents/guardians may call to make an appointment for their student(s), or someone else may set an appointment on behalf of a family.* Shoppers should bring their proof of automatic qualification or their referral with them to their appointment, along with any type of photo ID.

*When it is not possible for a parent/guardian to shop for a student, we invite other family members or representatives from a referring agency to bring the students to shop, or shop on the family’s behalf. Examples of people who can bring a student to shop include a court appointed special advocate (CASA) volunteer, a Guardian ad litem (GAL), a child-protection worker, a mentor or a representative from one of the referral sources listed below. Please see our Shopping FAQs for more information.

Basic Eligibility Guidelines

  • Students must be age 3-21, live in the 10-county Denver Metro Area and be enrolled in preschool – 12th grade, or working toward a GED.
    • Our service area includes the following 11 Denver Metro Area counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, Gilpin, Jefferson and Park.
    • Click here for a list of the 28 School Districts Served by Clothes To Kids.
  • Students must be considered in need of assistance:
    • Their family is in crisis (due to job loss, disaster, poverty, homelessness or displacement).
    • They are refugees and asylum seekers.
    • They are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch (FRL) at school.
    • They are in kinship or foster care.
    • They are receiving services from a school, school district, human service agency, shelter, hospital, clinic or place of worship.

How To Qualify

Automatic Qualification

There are three ways that a student automatically qualifies to shop at Clothes To Kids:

  1. Any student who qualifies for Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) is eligible to shop at Clothes To Kids using a copy of their FRL Letter. Most school districts mail FRL Letters to households once per year in October.
  2. Any student attending one of the nearly 300 schools on our Universal Qualification List is eligible to shop at Clothes To Kids using any form of proof of enrollment at the school (i.e. a student ID, copy of student record, report card, FRL Letter or a letter on school letterhead).
  3. Any student in foster/kinship care is eligible to shop at Clothes To Kids using documentation proving that they are in foster or kinship care (i.e. a foster care pay/remittance stub, intake packet letter/flyer or a letter from a case worker on agency letterhead). Please note that we serve students in certified, non-certified and informal placements.

Families with students who automatically qualify to shop still need to make an appointment and must bring the appropriate documentation with them to their appointment.

With A Referral

Students who do not automatically qualify to shop need a referral to shop at Clothes To Kids. People who can refer a student include:

  • A representative (employee or volunteer) from a school, human service agency, shelter, counseling center, hospital or clinic.
  • A teacher, administrator, guidance counselor, psychologist, social worker or volunteer from a school.
  • A leader, administrator or volunteer from a family’s place of worship.

To Refer A Student…

  • You do not need to know a family’s income level to make a referral. If you think a family needs help for any reason, please refer them!
  • Click here to download the Clothes To Kids Referral Form (last updated April 2019). This form must be printed on letterhead from a school, school district, agency, shelter, hospital, clinic or place of worship. This is an editable Word Document, so please feel free to replace the heading at the top with your logo and/or modify the layout of the page to fit on your letterhead. Do not delete eligibility information, the map/directions or instructions to clients.
  • Be sure to complete all of the requested information and include all of the eligible students in the family.

Once you have filled out the Clothes To Kids referral, please give it to the parent/guardian/person shopping with the student so that they can book an appointment and bring it with them when they shop. Please do not send the completed referral to Clothes To Kids!

Special Circumstances

  • In some circumstances, it may be necessary to scan and email a student’s proof of eligibility or a referral form to Clothes To Kids for a family. Documentation should be sent to with the family’s appointment day and time in the body of the email. Please do not send documentation for students who have not yet made an appointment or for students that are able to bring their form with them.