Donor Spotlight Digabit Digs in its Closets for Donations

Donor Spotlight Digabit Digs in its Closets for Donations

Local software company Digabit, Inc. wanted to reach out to a community organization during the holidays to offer employees a chance to give back. They found out about Clothes To Kids and felt like it was a great fit, because the weather’s turning colder in Colorado and they wanted to make an immediate impact for local children.

Digabit-Clothes-to-Kids-Denver-donation-boxDigabit has organized an employee clothes drive that culminates at the company’s annual holiday celebration on December 11th. They’ve set up a donation box in the office lobby and have nearly filled it to the rim!

Employees will continue to bring their cash and clothing donations to work until the party, and we’re excited to see what they end up delivering to the store. This is great timing as the clothes will come in right around the busy holiday break period.

Let’s help our kids get off to a good start in the second half of the school year! For more information on needed items, here is a link to the Clothes To Kids Donation Guidelines.

~Article and photo courtesy of Katherine Sirimarco of Digabit, Inc.