March 2011 Newsletter

March 2011 Newsletter

Hats Off to Our Apparel Partners!

Clothes To Kids of Denver could not exist without a tremendous amount of community involvement, and we are thankful to each and every one of our wonderful supporters. This month, CTKD would like to recognize the generous contributions made by our Apparel Partners, whose ongoing support allows us to serve an ever-growing number of families each year.

Apparel Partners are clothing and shoe stores or manufacturers who donate yearly close-outs, inventory mark-outs, slightly damaged merchandise and over-stock to CTKD. Our current Apparel Partners help us serve kids in need every day!

CTKD’s first Apparel Partner was Garb Inc., a local company that specializes in boys’ and girls’ junior golf apparel and team apparel for over 120 Division I schools across the United States. In the past year alone, Garb Inc. has generously contributed hundreds of brand new polo shirts, shorts, T-shirts, skirts and hats. A majority of the shorts and shirts that Garb Inc. has donated fit the school uniform guidelines in several Denver Public Schools, providing a tremendous benefit to families who shop at Clothes To Kids.

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