CTKD Turns 3 in New Location

They say it takes a village to raise a child and the same goes for Clothes to Kids of Denver. A village of caring, dedicated, amazing volunteers is helping CTKD to grow. Not only has CTKD grown in the number of children served and the number of agencies that refer families, we have now grown into a much larger, functional space. The new store truly is beautiful due to so many wonderful volunteers that worked tirelessly over the past couple of months.

How did we spend the summer of 2010?

  • Painting the store in bright CTKD colors
  • Installing racks and a storage counter in the storage room
  • Setting up new racks and lighting in store space
  • Building dressing rooms and counters
  • Putting new carpet into the sorting & break rooms
  • Sorting and tagging clothing

On August 12-16 2010, the big move days, volunteers worked day and night setting up the new space and moving clothing over from the old location. Amazingly, the store was open again to serve Back-to-School shoppers by August 17th! We hope you also stop by to check out the store, see the happy clients we serve, and the results that our Village of Volunteers has produced.